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24fc.com is the only real estate website of services represented in 150 countries without intermediaries, without agencies and without commissions.

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    To be an owner of a property is a dream of millions. To sell your house? Often it's just a necessity but finally lots of us dream about a sale as well. These two dreams are difficult to achieve under normal circumstances. And can you imagine how difficult it is now due to the crisis of economy and real estate sector? But often in times of crisis the great ideas are born as we need more wit and tricks to advance. This is how appeared 24fc.com - in times of the crisis in order to enable everyone to achieve the dreams.24fc.com is the only website represented in 150 countries, offering the services of direct buy&sell without intermediaries, real estate agencies nor commissions. The site is dedicated to buy and sell between whose who wants to buy, sell and/or rent the properties, plots, apartments, attics, houses, duplex, buildings, studios, offices, flats etc. in the whole world and direct to the customers only.How we work. 24fc.com gives opportunity for buyers to communicate directly with sellers, lessors with lessees, directly with owners.No matter whether you want to sell your house, buy an apartment or villa, invest in plots in other corner of the world - everything is possible with 24fc.com. The best offers of apartments, villas, houses, offices and plots are published on our website 24fc.com. How to sell a property in a crisis? Many owners are faced with the reality of necessity to sell their properties in order to avoid the financial difficulties caused by the economic instability. These elements are combined with the continued property devaluation on the market forcing increasing of a quantity of the owners who considered selling their properties without the services of real estate agencies, preferring direct sale. Lots of them just don’t have any possibility to contract an agency and they need to avoid the costs of commissions. However those who will choose the direct sale will be faced with other charges which are already included in the budget of a real estate agency. While these costs can be lower you should take into account at the time of sale all the expenses for the marketing and lawyer services.Those owners who decide to sell their houses by themselves can get help just joining our site, which offers marketing tools to expose their homes to potential buyers from around the world. Our website offers a variety of the properties in 150 countries.24fc.com offers accessible way to have an international exposure as well as necessary tools in order to sell your house without intermediaries. So if you need to sell your property and you want to reduce selling costs due to the financial problems caused by the crisis, promote your house in our website of direct sale and use the advantages of the specified services offered by the professionals. You might be surprised to get the same results as the agencies with a significant reduction in costs.According to the experts you should take into account some details before a visit of clients.Price factor. In times of crisis an owner has to know the true value of his property and its real price. Small market research will give you ideas about the purchasing prices of the similar houses in the area you want to sell. Compare the prices and choose a reasonable price. Highlight and enhance the main advantages and qualities of the property apart from the competition.Promotion of sale. 24fc.com offers much more information through the advertisements of direct sale with possibility to publish up to 21 images. If the property is rather old it is worth making a minimum investment to reform it and fix the damages that may give a bad image of the apartment and throw back the potential buyer. Cleanliness always gives a good impression. Try to keep a certain level of hygiene and order in all the rooms of the house. Take away broken or in bad condition furniture especially if the house is offered furnished. Avoid over-decorating as it can give a false sense of space or create strain. Check the installation of gas, water, electricity and heating. An neglect aspect takes away many points.Beware of the negotiations! Announcing that the house price is negotiable can be counterproductive. On one hand this possibility may encourage potential buyer to visit a property. But on the other hand you are under risk to give the impression of having no clear idea about the price of the property. Because of many reasons it’s much easier to sell a property where nobody lives. If  in the apartment  lives someone you run the risk of not being able to combine family life with possible visits, which will be more limited. Besides, interested persons can feel uncomfortable during their visits. In order to sell your house without any problems you should check the Property Register and have all the documentation in order. The buyer might think about the deal if we have to delay the proceedings by any bureaucratic problem. When is better to rent?Some of us do not possess the appropriate characteristics to be owners of a property because of different reasons. Learn some tricks to find out if you are among the people who should rent a home. Negative credit history.Your credit report is terrible? If you want to buy a property having a bad credit history you should improve it before applying for a loan. Four late payments are sufficient to refuse you.High level of indebtedness. There are two financial factors: input and output. The first consists of your mortgage credit  payment plus taxes and insurance divided by your monthly salary. The output coefficient includes as well the monthly cost of debt (the mortgage payments which include: Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance) before dividing the final result by the total salary. A high level of indebtedness could incapacitate getting a loan. You run the risk of loosing a work? Your company is firing employees? Can you be fired? How long will it take to find a new job? Unemployment insurance usually is not sufficient to pay a credit.Can you be relocated to another city within next two or three years? If you are selling because of this reason you should raise the price for at least 10 percent in order to cover the costs of the sale. Otherwise you would loose money. When you decide to buy a house you should have planned to live there for a long period of time. Expenses for maintenance. All the houses require maintenance and reformation. The experts advise to have 5 percent of the purchase price to cover the costs of maintenance and remodelling at the time of buying a house.
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24fc.com is the only real estate website of services represented in 150 countries.

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24fc.com gives opportunity for buyers to communicate directly with sellers, lessors with lessees, directly with owners.

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